The remake of Let the Right One In is a bad idea, blah blah blah. We all know, none of us like it, more of you will see the remake than saw the brilliant original. I’m old enough and have been doing this web junk long enough to know that. So let’s skip the righteous indignation we all feel and jump right into the news:

Kodi Smit-McPhee is apparently in the running for the lead role of Oskar, the kid who falls in with a vampire. While Matt Reeves, the director of the movie (and of Cloverfield) has said that he wouldn’t be aging up  the characters from the original pre-teens it’s nice to see it confirmed like this.

Smit-McPhee plays the boy in The Road; very few people have seen that film, so it’s unclear if he’s all that/any good. I suspect that he’s pretty decent. The truth, though, is that Oskar isn’t the big deal. I’ll wait until we hear who is cast/in the running for Eli before I make any judgment.

Via Moviehole