We’re currently giving New Yorkers a chance to win two pairs of tickets to go see Flame & Citron, a film that’s raised quite a lot of interest based on the strength of the European trailer. A film about real life Nazi-killing Danes sure seems to be up everyone’s alley, especially one that’s supposed to be a great mix of classic noir with stylized action.

Now the first official US trailer has hit, and it’s definitely focusing more on the action and general badassery. A little more of the plot has been revealed than you’d probably like, but it’s refreshing to see an American trailer not treat its audiences like idiots, and actually include that scary foreign dialogue.

Check it out-

Flame and Citron opens in NYC on July 31st at the Landmark and Lincoln Plaza theaters, and will begin to roll out nationally come August 14th. It will also be available On Demand along with a ton of other great films starting July 29th.