Newsflash: Paddy Considine is great.

Newsflash II: Jason Statham ain’t so bad himself.

Though the bald ex-diver has taken so many roles that do little to further anything but his bank account, Jason Statham remains one of the more engaging and reliable action stars we’ve got. The idea of he and Paddy (if you haven’t watched Dead Man’s Shoes yet, DO IT) teaming up in a police thriller warms the spots in my heart normally reserved for pumping blood to the pants.

Blitz is the name of the film. Lionsgate is the studio. Elliot Lester is the director. No I don’t know why it would be called Blitz

The revolutionary plot involves a serial killer targeting police officers.

Statham’s the lead cop, Paddy’s his partner [kickstart suspicion he’s the killer]. The rest is irrelevant. This isn’t Righteous Kill where the lame high concept plot is made even more benign by the presence of two legends sleepwalking through the current phase of their careers. Statham’s made an Uwe Boll film and is still relevant and Paddy is one of those actors one role away from the world realizing how brilliant he is.

Trivia: We may have seen Paddy in Watchmen had Greengrass done it.

As it stands, the generic plot can only warrant this status as a curiosity with potential but with the two leads in place I’m there no questions asked.