There are On A List stories, and there are Taking A Meeting stories. Both are, for my money, pretty worthless when it comes to casting news. But Doing A Screen Test? That has much more weight. Sure, lots of people screen test for roles they don’t get, but bringing someone in – and maybe, as a scoop at Ain’t It Cool claims, putting them in the costume – is a big step.

So the latest Doing A Screen Test story has it that Justin Timberlake has been brought in to do his best Hal Jordan for the producers of Green Lantern. That’s… a heck of a choice. Seriously. I think Timberlake could actually pull it off.

Sure, he’ll bring plenty of pop star baggage, but people forget that eventually. And while he’s young for my ideal Jordan, the film is definitely casting in the 20s, so forget about a late 30s star ever getting the role. I think Timberlake has the basic chops and the charisma to play the part. He might be a touch slight, but that’s not a problem on a film with lots of pre-production time for him to bulk up a bit.

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