It’s a week late thanks to our holiday weekend, but CHUD’s back to show off another great movie at Hell Gate Social in NYC this Sunday!

Heavily featured in the great “Ozsploitation” documentary Not Quite Hollywood (review), Razorback features a giant boar destroying homes, vehicles, and generally making life a living hell for some Australians. Yes, it’s a giant pig movie, but it’s so much more than that. You haven’t seen it until you’ve seen it with a beer in your hand, drinking and smoking as you watch it on the big screen in the bar’s outdoor garden.

The movie is completely free (I’m just doing this for fun!) and will start around 9:00 when the sun goes down and it gets dark enough.

If you’re interested in coming and hanging out before, George (bar owner extraordinaire) will be grilling up food for an all-you-can-eat bbq as he does every Sunday. 10 bucks gets you as many burgers, hot dogs, chicken and corn you can cram down your gullet from 4 to 9pm, and the man is a trained chef so it’s good eats. I believe there will be drink deals as well. I’ll be there all day with the rest of the motley NYC folks drinking and eating before the movie starts, so come on by if you like!

After the movie I’ll be giving away some goodies, as per usual. Hope you can make it out! Check or shoot me an email for more details or directions.

Still not convinced? Witness the glory of the trailer-