The script for Spider-Man 4 is jumping all over the place. First Zodiac writer James Vanderbilt took a crack at it. Then playwright David Lindsay-Abaire handed in a draft right after Drag Me To Hell came out. Now there’s a third name attached: the script has moved on to the hands of Gary Ross.

Yes, the guy behind Pleasantville and Seabiscuit is writing the new Spider-Man movie. On one hand the guy has worked with Tobey Maguire a bunch, so he knows what the kid can do. On the other hand, he wrote and directed fucking Seabiscuit. Honestly, I’m sure Ross is a delightful guy, but he’s the kind of guy who is working on a hagiography of Lance Armstrong. He’s a middle of the road bit of blandness.

I’m sure Lindsay-Abaire turned in something that needed a Hollywood smoothing out, but is Ross really the guy for the gig? Maybe he’s just the third dude and Alvin Sargent will swoop in at the end and bring his geriatric magic to the script (no sarcasm).

via Variety