Having learned naught from Superstar and The Ladies’ Man, Lorne Michaels has pushed ahead with a new Saturday Night Live movie, and it might be the worst concept since the proposed Toonces three hour epic: MacGruber. You know, the skit that satirizes a TV show that’s been off the air for much of the intended audience’s lives. And that works as a repetitive but short series of skits.

So while it’s hard to imagine why anyone would think this was a good idea for a feature, at least Michaels has found a decent director. At least I think. Jorma Taccone will be helming, and while he’s new to the whole ‘directing a movie’ thing, he’s a genuinely gifted comic and he’s the guy who directed the MacGruber shorts on SNL in the first place.

Can Taccone find something in this concept that will actually make a 90 minute feature? One must assume that someone along the way ‘cracked’ a story, since the movie is shooting in a couple of weeks. I hope for the best, but as always prepare for the worst.

via Production Weekly