Surely there’s a middle ground Zach Galifianakis can find. I get that at 39 he’s decided that being an underground sensation isn’t economically feasible anymore. But does that mean he has to be circling a movie like Man Witch, which Jack Black abandoned? If you’re looking at the movies that weren’t good enough for Jack Black you are looking at the worst movies in town.

Man Witch is just one of a number of films that Galifianakis is considering. None of them sound much more interesting. Man Witch, of course, is about a guy who discovers he has magic powers and attends an all-girls magic school. Then there’s Due Date, which centers on a slacker who takes a road trip with an uptight businessman;
like “Hangover,” it also features a road trip and a baby as plotlines. In other words, it sounds like a rip-off of Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Then there’s Say Uncle, which is described only as a ‘family comedy,’ and I wonder if this isn’t a rip of another John Candy movie, Uncle Buck.

At any rate, none of these films seem to be worthy of Galifianakis. Who, by the way, is starring in G-Force in a couple of weeks. You know, with the animated gerbils. So maybe he’s just the kind of guy who cares if the check cashes and that’s about it. Which is too bad, because I think Galifianakis is a damn funny dude who could be making really special movies, not PG middle of the road travesties.

via Hollywood Reporter