Midway Games, one of the robbers of my childhood time and quarters, has gone down the shitter and Warner Bros stepped in to snatch up a number of their video game franchises. Included in the sale are titles like Mortal Kombat, Spy Hunter and… Joust.

This means that Warner Bros now can make movies and games based on Joust. The game where you ride an ostrich and try to knock guys off of buzzards. Hatching eggs come into play, but it’s been so long since I last dropped a quarter into this bizarre game I couldn’t tell you how.

I must admit I’m a touch confused on how all of this plays out – did Universal lose the rights to the movie version of Spy Hunter while I wasn’t looking? And what the hell would you do with the rights to Joust except package the game in a nostalgia gaming format? Actually, the movie rights to Joust were bought back in 2007 by an independent producer, so I’m not even sure if Warner Bros gets those – has the option expired? Surely someone who cares about this more than I do will look into it all.

via Variety