Interesting speculative article over at Variety today about the future possibilities concerning the soon-to-be ex-Governor of Alaska, media whipping post and David Letterman punchline, Sarah Palin.  The former 2008 GOP ticket holder and plain-speaking, polarizing figure unexpectedly and inexplicably announced this past holiday weekend that she’s not only not running for re-election, but also quitting her position in the Land of the Midnight Sun’s catbird seat come the end of the month before her term is completed.  Everybody on both sides of the political spectrum has been completely caught off guard and the moment she made the announcement, speculation went into overdrive as to her next move.  WIll she run for the White House in 2012?  Will she seek out the Senate?  Will she learn what the job she campaigned for last year actually does?  Or could she end up on TV?  Namely Fox News?

The article hypothesizes that the latter choice would be perfect for a woman who has been portrayed to be so hopelessly right wing, that that is the most logical step for her to pursue should she decide to go to TV.  Another road she could go would be the Daytime TV talk show route, although according to Variety, that would be an uphill climb considering the current marketplace and reluctance in the arena to syndicate a controversial political figure.  Of course her likely first step will be her inevitable book, which should be out next year.  However, at this stage in the game, any theorizing on possible future political opportunities are shots in the dark at best.  For what kind of future could anyone, man or woman, Democrat or Republican, expect to have in this country when they just up and quit a crucial job for which they’ve been entrusted with the futures of the people whom they serve?  America’s never really been that big on quitters.  You can ask Ross Perot about that.

Nevertheless, if she does end up on TV, I  could definitely see her on Fox News, and undoubtedly, a major paycheck is waiting for her should she consider doing that.  Mike Huckabee and Karl Rove have made themselves quite at home at the Fair and Balanced Network, for good or bad, and it’s undeniably the touchstone in this country for the politically conservative.  So whatever Sarah Palin decides to do, undoubtedly she’s going to have opportunities.  Whether or not those opportunities include Washington are completely up in the air right now, though.

Of course, considering the above picture, that Wonder Woman gig is still up for grabs