Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs $42,500,000 $10,368 $67,506,000
2 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen $42,500,000 (-61.0%) $10,038 $293,459,000
3 Public Enemies $26,172,000 $7,850 $41,044,000
4 The Proposal $12,779,000 (-31.2%) $4,124 $94,233,000
5 The Hangover $10,415,000 (-38.8%) $3,393 $204,197,000
6 Up $6,579,000 (-49.6%) $2,477 $264,873,000
7 My Sister’s Keeper $5,255,000 (-57.8%) $2,017 $25,964,000
8 The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 $2,500,000 (-54.1%) $1,310 $58,471,000
9 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian $2,100,000 (-42.4%) $1,480 $167,763,000
10 Year One $2,100,000 (-65.1%) $938 $38,088,000

This just in: A copy of Monkey Hustle. Use it wisely.

Well, today’s something of a holding pattern. There’s two ties on the boards, and some of the numbers are going to up and down. Klady shows a three hundred thousand victory for Transformers 2, but both parties have interest in winning the weekend.

Let’s start with Transformers. It was close to The Dark Knight‘s five day total, but a week later it’s running $40 Million behind. That pretty much guarantees that $500 or more is out of the question. The Dark Knight was also off a little more than 50% versus Transformers 60%, and the drops are going to be a lot worse for Transformers (3rd week on TDK, a 40% drop. I don’t think anyone thinks that’s gonna happen here). In fact Transformers 2 likely got a boost from the weekend, so next weekend might even be more brutal. But I would be shocked, shocked, shocked if it didn’t manage to hit $400 Million. It should be at $300 Million come Monday or Tuesday, though currently international is slightly outpacing the domestic gross, which is good news as the international numbers on the first film were only slightly better than the domestic, so even if the film does *just* $400 and change domestically, it’s got a good shot at nearing $600 in international dollars by the end of the run, meaning a billion. If there’s still some territories to take advantage of, that is. Regardless, it was a sound investment, and the film has trumped its reviews. But this strikes as the last hurrah for the picture, even if next week’s competition is weak.

Ice Age 3 might actually be the winner of the weekend, though, and it will likely have a stronger shelf life. Though it didn’t open as well as the first sequel, it could do well until G Force, if that film finds its audience. I wouldn’t underestimate the American public. But it’s quite possible that the film won’t do too much better than a little over $150 Million, though international should be excellent as it has been with this franchise. It’s a good number, for a third film in a series that is modest at best.

Public Enemies opened a little bit better than Miami Vice for the three-day, but is way ahead in the five day scheme of things. Collateral also opened to similar numbers, so the film is left in the hands of popular opinion. It should be able to double the five-day at least, so there’s that. Universal isn’t acting with too much faith to have another film in the pike the week after (Bruno) but that could just be the summer slottings. Bruno is supposed to play so we’ll see how that works out. Public Enemies is also R rated, which could work to its advantage, as the most adult of the summer films, but it may also go had to head with Bruno for the college-age set.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it pulls off the $100 Million, but it’s also got Funny People in four weeks, and Universal’s going to have their hands full.

The Proposal gets to $100 by the end of the box office week, so that’s a pretty big win. It’ll be interesting to see if I Love You Beth Cooper kills it a bit, as Ice Age hurt Up. The Proposal should stop around $120-$130 unless there’s some super legs, where Up is going to fall shy of $300. The Hangover crossed $200 Million, and still managed to make $10 this weekend. But Bruno should take some of its thunder. If that’s the case, then The Hangover is almost over and it will top out around $230 Million. Yeah, it probably has about $25 Million left in it.

My Sister’s Keeper did not find its audience, though it might become a home video favorite. Probably not. Night, Pelham, and Year One are done, and at least two of them will be out of the top ten by next week.  Star Trek is out of the top ten, and will have $250 by Monday, and Hurt Locker still had the best per screen. As it should.