The New Beverly (in Los Angeles, California) will be hosting a screening of The All Night Once-in-a-Lifetime Movie Orgy in August. I’ve written about it before (here), and I’m telling you this will never come out on video, ever. If you live in LA, you have no excuse.


This year has been odd in that Terminator 4 and A Night at the Museum 2 underperformed for their weekend. They had a holiday three (or four, depending on how you look at it) day weekend to take advantage of. there are two ways to look at this situation. One is that this is the case of the movies, the other is that it’s a problem with the economy.

As for the former, that people weren’t all that excited or moved by a new Terminator film, or a sequel to Museum is arguably true. But, let’s be honest with ourselves. We’re in a depression (in America. Hi, international readers! You guys just might be in a depression, or if you live in China, might be taking over the world.) and I don’t think you can argue that hasn’t changed the way people are going to movies. Of curse, the way people have gone to movies has had a number of different and significant changes. From the introduction of television, to the introduction of home video, to the introduction of DVD, we may be seeing a new paradigm for theatrical experiences. As much as downloading and 3-D are game changers, as it were, people like to leave the house, and think about things that aren’t money, and going to movies is good for that.

What does that say about this weekend? Likely that Public Enemies will do okay, but not spectacular business (still, it will likely be Michael Mann’s highest grosser) and Ice Age 3 should do gangbusters. One might be slightly above average but for kids, and the other might the weakest effort from the director since The Keep, but I’m not saying which is which.


Will Ice Age 3 conquer Transformers 2? Who cares.

1. Ice Age 3 - $54 Million
2. Transformers 2 – 50.7 Million
3. Public Enemies – $30 Million
4. The Hangover – $10.5 Million
5. The Proposal – $8.5 Million

And then Sunday, I’ll talk some shit about your momma.