So last week I stumbled upon Kristen Stewart in her Joan Jett outfit when The Runaways was filming on my block. But did I also stumble upon Dakota Fanning? If so, I would never have recognized her – as it is I can still barely believe that the young lady in the pictures at Just Jared are actually the Little Miss F.

This is one of those movies, by the way, that has me really interested. The story of the band The Runaways is a great one, and it’s nice to see a film where young actresses get a chance to do some acting and not just be the love interest.

And I don’t know what it is, but I think the story of a girl band is just very of the moment. I think The Runaways, if it’s any good, could be a massive hit. Like the kind of movie that impacts fashion and stuff (although I guess these girls in late 70s costumes could walk around Silverlake and Williamsburgh and just blend in).

For more pics, hit Just Jared. I got this link via Cinematical.