It’s hard for folks who don’t live in one of the major movie markets. So many great films get limited releases, making people either drive millions of miles to find them, or force them to wait for dvd.

Which is why it’s so awesome that IFC is releasing a ton of their films On Demand at the same time they’re hitting theaters… including one you definitely shouldn’t pass up.

Fuck The Hangover! The best comedy of the year thus far is In The Loop (review), and it will hit On Demand July 29th.

Here are all the other films that are either currently available or will be soon.
*  FAINTHEART – starring Eddie Marsan (begins July 1).  FAINTHEART is a hilarious British romantic comedy starring beloved character actor Eddie Marsan (HAPPY GO LUCKY) as a geeky father obsessed with battle re-enactments who suddenly must discover the true meaning of chivalry. FAINTHEART is the world’s first fully user-generated feature film thru MySpace — over 1400 MySpacers auditioned via video or web cam for eight roles in the film.
* MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS – direct from the Toronto Film Festival (begins July 8).  This hilarious comedy from acclaimed Canadian director Carl Bessai explores the amusing, ridiculous and complicated dynamics of mother/daughter relationships through three intertwining stories.  
* THE KREUTZER SONATA – direct from the Edinburgh Film Festival (begins June 17) This gripping drama from acclaimed director Bernard Rose (IMMORTAL BELOVED) tells the story of a husband (Danny Huston) who becomes consumed with jealousy to the point where he tests his beautiful wife’s (Elisabeth Röhm) fidelity. The film, a modern re-telling of the classic Leo Tolstoy novella, features a memorable cameo by Angelica Huston.

*  BEFORE THE FALL (review) – direct from the AFI and the Berlin Film Festivals (begins July 22nd)  In this sci-fi thriller, from executive producer Antonio Banderas, a meteor is heading straight for earth — and the world’s population has just three days left to live.

* GIRL BY THE LAKE — winner of 10 Italian Oscars (begins July 29th)  A small town is shocked by a woman’s murder.   When detectives investigate, the victim proves as mysterious as the crime itself.

* THE DISAPPEARED (begins July 15th) Haunted by the ghost of his younger brother who disappeared years ago, teenager Matthew Ryan embarks on a bone-chilling search for the truth.   Featuring Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies.
Along with that there are a ton horror flicks playing right now, including Fear Me Not, Cadaver, Dark Mirror, Dead Snow, Pontypool and The Uninvited. My personal favorite of all is I Sell the Dead (review), a really fun and quirky horror/comedy.

Considering that these movies cost about six bucks a pop, you really can’t go wrong checking them out at home. Could this be the future of film distribution? I’d like to think so. It’s so hard for smaller films to get seen, and this allows everyone a crack at it.

IFC On Demand’s available on a whole slew of cable companies (Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision, etc.) so check to see if you have it. And really, make sure to check out In The Loop. Round up all your friends and pop that sucker on but keep your remote handy- you’ll likely have to keep rewinding it because of all the laughter.