Never been a big Superman fan.  I mean I get it.  He’s all that’s good and all that.  I’m not opposed to him just don’t really want to sit and read about how awesome he is every week in a comic.  But when Blackest Night rolls into town my interest gets piqued.

The opening of this book sees the rise of the Black Lantern Kal-L, otherwise known as Earth 2 Superman.  The issue was pretty solid.  They really used the idea that Black Lanterns see in fields of emotion in this book.  Kal-L stops at the drive in and sees a lot of the patrons as FEAR since they are watching Friday The 13th.  And of course a couple of them he sees as LOVE as they aren’t really paying attention to the movie if you catch my drift.  One of the best uses for this is when he looks at Superman and sees all of the emotional spectrum at once.  LOVE, FEAR, WILL, COMPASSION, LOVE, RAGE.

Some Spoilery stuff lay ahead:

Great to see Krypto get a big scene trying to protect Ma Kent from Black Lantern Lois Lane of Earth 2.  Good doogie.  But with Conner Kent back in action it was good to see some interaction between him, Clark, and Ma.  Also we see that the Black Lantern problem is also going to be a problem for New Krypton.  But of course the biggest question is when are we going to see Black Lantern Jonathon Kent.  The Black Lanterns feed on emotions (and their rings got pumped up a lot in this issue thanks to Kal-L) so they have been picking Lanterns that bring out the most emotions in our heros.  The Graysons, Ralph and Sue Dibny, and Tim Drake’s parents.  Get’s the emotions going so their hearts are nice and ripe for the taking.  Can’t wait to see whatelse Johns has up his sleeve in the main title.