Back in January I went to the A Night of Funny People concert, where Judd Apatow filmed stand up scenes for his new film, Funny People, opening in just a few weeks. I went for Patton Oswalt and Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen, but it was Aziz Ansari, doing stand up in the character of Randy, who blew me away. Read my original report here.

Now that the film is close to release, Universal is stepping up the marketing. One aspect: Randy has his own website, They have some clips of the Night of Funny People show (as well as clips of Randy at the Improv), and they have a great soundboard. Check this site out and prepare to indeed laugh your dick off.

Back in January I begged for the entire Randy set to be released. The good news is that Ansari is taping a Comedy Central Secret Stash of his Randy material – everybody is going to be able to see all the amazing jokes! And because it’s Secret Stash, it’ll run uncut late nights.