As you might know, Kevin Smith’s next project is the film A Couple of Dicks, over at Warner Brothers. The last news we heard from the project was that WB — the studio that, inarguably, has the biggest balls on the block– decided to keep the original title rather than dumb it down. Now we have some real news in the form of additional cast members.

First up is Michelle I-could-talk-more-about-this-woman-had-I-ever-watched-Buffy Trachtenberg, who will be playing the daughter of Bruce Willis’ character. Her step-father will be portrayed by the other new player, Jason Holy-Shit-His-Next-Film-Is-Alvin-And-The-Chipmunks-The-Goddamn-SQUEAKQUEL* Lee.

Who knows how Smith will be able to handle directing material that isn’t his own, but I have no doubt that he can coax the funny out of this cast– Smith has real gold to work with. I’m especially excited to see a film coming from Tracy Morgan that doesn’t have him slumming his vocal noise in a CGI-rodent fest.

Adam Brody and Seann William Scott are also set to appear in the Mark-&-Rob-Cullen-scripted comedy, “about two cops whose adventures include locating a stolen baseball card, rescuing a woman, and dealing with gangsters and their laundered money.” Release date is currently set for February 26th, 2010.**

*Yeah, not my fucking joke.

**Two days before I turn 22!

Source | Variety, synopsis from IMDB