As if the news of a remake of the TV movie classic Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark co-written by Guillermo del Toro and directed by CHUD message board regular Troy Nixey (who got together with GdT under the guidance of our own Nick Nunziata) wasn’t good enough, now the film has a male lead who we all like: good old Guy Pearce. He’ll be joining Katie Holmes as the man of a house that happens to be overrun with little demons; in the original it was the wife, the Katie Holmes role, who unleashed them. In this version it’ll be a little girl, to be played by Bailee Madison. And Holmes will be playing Pearce’s girlfriend, not wife; Madison is Pearce’s daughter. I imagine this relationship is a source of further tension.

Production starts next month in Australia; hopefully we’ll be able to get some cool stuff to share with you.

via The Hollywood Reporter