Well it might not be the match-up with Robert Englund that Kane Hodder wanted, but it’s close enough.

FEARnet has just announced a new online mini-series entitled Fear Clinic. In it Robert Englund will star as “the sinister, maniacal genius Dr. Andover.” Because really, who can do mad genius like Englund? He’s obsessed with curing humanity’s fears through a pretty unorthodox method. He’s built a Fear Chamber which can bring anyone’s worst fears to life, and will stick his poor patients in it to cure them. The one catch is that you’ll either come out completely cured of your fears, or dead. Helluva side effect, there.

The spine-tingling action of Fear Clinic will spotlight Dr. Andover’s eerily extreme methods to help patients at the clinic conquer their greatest fears:  from hydrophobia (fear of water), scotophopia (fear of the dark), and entomophobia (fear of insects), to claustrophobia (fear of small spaces) and misophobia (fear of being contained with germs or dirt).  The project is directed by Robert Hall (Laid to Rest) with effects from his company Almost Human (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Quarantine, The Burrowers) from a script by Aaron R. Drane and executive produced by Mark B. Johnson and Jim Burns. 

Halloween‘s Danielle Harris will also star, presumably as someone trying to cure her fears, so you can bet that the FEARnet folks are completely geeking out over getting stars from the three biggest horror franchises. They’re also promising that this will be a webseries like no other.

We’ll find out come October, when Fear Clinic hits both VOD and FEARnet.com.