The latest remake news – An American Werewolf in London – got me to thinking that the problem isn’t with remakes. It’s with bad remakes. So I’ve considered some good remakes, and not just the obvious ones, like The Fly or The Thing. How about The Blob?

One of the more underrated 80s horror films, Chuck Russell’s redo of the 50s classic may not be the greatest movie ever made, but it does have some truly inspired kills – gooey, gross and gory. There’s the scene where the girl tries to pull her boyfriend out of the blob and tears his arm off. And the scene where the date rapey guy gets more than he bargained for when he goes to cop a feel on his seemingly unconscious date. And of course the immortal scene of the blob pulling a guy down the drain of a sink.

Beyond that you get the wonders of Kevin Dillon with a rockin’ hairstyle, the legendary Jack Nance as a doctor, improv pioneer Del Close as a reverend, Donovan’s son and Shawnee Smith. Plus you’ll enjoy an early Frank Darabont screenplay, and some good old fashioned practical effect, which means all the kills are more creative in their execution and shooting.

Plus, if you’re an old fucker like me, you’ll get to enjoy that great Pegasus-starring Tri-Star logo at the beginning.

You can watch the entire film on (c’mon Crackle, allow embedding with this shit!), but first check out the sink scene: