Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen $112,000,000 $26,453 $201,246,000
2 The Proposal $18,466,000 (-45.1%) $6,039 $69,050,000
3 The Hangover $17,215,000 (-35.7%) $4,884 $183,247,000
4 Up $13,046,000 (-44.5%) $3,741 $250,218,000
5 My Sister’s Keeper $12,030,000 $4,616 $12,030,000
6 Year One $5,800,000 (-70.4%) $1,918 $32,207,000
7 The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 $5,400,000 (-55.1%) $1,803 $53,406,000
8 Star Trek $3,606,000 (-34.6%) $1,978 $246,225,000
9 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian $3,500,000 (-55.2%) $1,556 $163,248,000
10 Away We Go $1,678,000 (+92.6%) $3,390 $4,056,000

This just in: The tip.

Transformers 2, in just five days and change, has made $200 Million dollars. That might be a bit on the nose, as it were, and we may see some fluctuation come Monday (up or down), but it’s currently second only to The Dark Knight in terms of cash moneymaking. Partly because the film is critic-proof. People liked the first one and the film guaranteed to deliver on robot-on-robot action. The question is if it has any staying power. The film may top Ice Age and Public Enemies next weekend, but it may also take a 50%-70% tumble. Even so that’s a $40 Million dollar weekend, and a total nearing $300 by the end of next weekend. I always said that Transformers 2 was the likely big dog of the summer season, and unless Harry Potter goes through the roof, we’re looking at the summer’s biggest breadwinner, and first film to cross the $300 mark. This doesn’t really say anything about anything though, it’s just a big summer opening for an anticipated sequel. Next week will show if this is a phenomenon or an opening weekend picture. It will do better than the first film, but half a billion stateside feels like a stretch.

The Proposal doesn’t have that Hangover heat, so it’s going to have to settle for doing a bit over $100.  I wonder how many people had to watch it in exchange for their respective partners watching The Hangover. I also wonder if the roles in this exchange are reversed. And finally Ryan Reynolds has a hit romantic comedy. I guess it proves if you keep trying you may eventually strike gold.

The Hangover should be getting to the end of the fourth of July holiday spitting at $200. That’s big. After that we may see some fall off ($250 seems a stretch), but it doesn’t matter, the film is/was a phenomenon, and it’s all cake now. As the kids say. The ones who can only see cakes after a horrible accident. Up has crossed $250, the question is if it’ll keep chugging to $300. Survey says: Yes. Phillip Survey. But what does he know?

My Sister’s Keeper is the feel good horrible sickness film of the year! The Notebook became counter-programming gold in its day, and it’s possible that could happen here. Ahem. But if it were a bet, I wouldn’t waste money on that outcome. Year One opened to $20 Million. That was the victory, as it’s going to get to $40 Million and that’s about it. Taking of the Pelham 1 2 3 will get to $60. Sony paid a lot for a little, but strike movies are strike movies.

Star Trek is going to be finishing its run sooner or later, though it probably has a week or two left in the top ten. That’ll be enough to get it past $250 Million, though I don’t know if it’ll have the muscle to get past $260 Million. Since the film has kept playing, it’s possible that it’ll find a way to keep going, especially if it keeps outperforming films like Pelham and Year One on the per screen. Night at the Museum 2 is likely too expensive to be a big winner, but I don’t think anyone’s walking away too disappointed as the film nears its end of run. Ice Age should kill it. And Away We Go expanded well enough to chart. Focus is facing an uphill battle, as the reviews have been mixed. Out of the charts are Land of the Lost, which may scrape to $50 Million, and The Hurt Locker, which had the weekend’s best per screen. As well it should, it’s a masterpiece.

Next weekend there’s going to be both literal and figurative fireworks.