Dan Bradley, director of the upcoming Red Dawn remake, seems to be sticking with his new career path. The man was a second-unit director and stunt coordinator for a ton of fantastic action flicks but now he’s in full-on directing mode. The next film after he fights off those damn Reds will be Hellified, currently a spec script from Andy Burg (K-9), a former family-film writer who wants to segue into action flicks.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura, currently rolling in a bank vault full of Transformers 2 cash a la Scrooge McDuck, is set to produce the script.

Hellified is about- you guessed- a journey to hell. The only other detail known is that it’s a “supernatural action movie”. (Constantine?) Besides the stupid title that’s all they’re giving us, but for my money there are far too few journeys to hell on film as is, so I’m game. Especially with a guy who clearly knows his way around an action film.

via The Hollywood Reporter