STUDIO: Sony Pictures
MSRP: $49.99
RATED: Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 518 minutes

The Pitch

Pseudo-redneck gets a sitcom. 

The Humans

Jeff Foxworthy, Ann Cusack, Hailey Joel Osment, Bill Engvall  and G.W. Bailey

The Nutshell

The second season starts after a network switch and a semi-reboot. The show has been reimagined as Jeff Foxworthy moving his way back to Georgia with his family. He takes a job at the local loading dock and makes nice with his childhood pal Bill. His dad is a horny old goat and the kids keep pushing his buttons. Plus, there’s ample time to make observations about the denizens of his rural slice of Heaven.

The Family Ties painter fell on hard times.

The Lowdown

Jeff Foxworthy catches fire at odd times with his brand of Blue-Collar comedy. Out of his compatriots, Foxworthy passes for the safer middle-of-the-road routine. He’s friendly and makes jokes that the entire family can enjoy. Therefore, it wasn’t hard for Network Television to homogenize him further and repackage his material into yet another generic sitcom. Why didn’t the show work?

Hankerin’ for a Raperin’ – A Stone Stanley Production

Well, it’s fairly simple. The episodes were generic with even more generic performances from the cast. The stories ranged from Jeff trying to force his family to adjust to Southern life more. When that didn’t pan out, the episodes didn’t to be various adversarial pursuits for Jeff. Jeff vs. Bill or Jeff vs. some outsider. You’ve seen it all before.

He sees infinite blur and Chris Hansen’s next lead.

The show spotlighted early turns from Bill Engvall and Haley Joel Osment. Naturally, Osment moved onto better things around 1999 and ending in 2002. Then, there’s Engvall. Having latched his wagon to the Redneck Humor gravy train, we can expect another four years of his schtick before he’s marginalized out of existence. Nobody else really made an impression on the show. You might want to count that Jonathan Lipnicki kid, but this show came after Jerry Maguire.

By the power of Cusack!

The DVD is as forgettable as the show with 23 episodes stuffed onto two discs. Compression issues show off the worst in this video transfer. There’s so much digital noise that you’re left to wonder if this is just someone’s DVD-Rs rather than a professional release from Sony. If you’re looking for special features, there aren’t any here. But, how many of you would really listen to a Jeff Foxworthy / Ann Cusack commentary?

If you’ve got a beer, he’s got a story about that prick Mahoney.

The Package

release is a one-off joke that is plagued with A/V issues. There’s no supplementals, so all you’re watching is material that can be viewed via Youtube, Hulu or Crackle for free. You can do better than this. So, support your ad-based internet venues and skip this crap.

 0.3 out of 10