Jon Favreau has been pretty good about keeping up on Twitter, letting fans see a little bit of the inside of production on Iron Man 2. And now he’s gone above and beyond, posting a shot of one of the film’s most spectacular sets. Beware of spoilers!

Yeah, it’s a green screen. But apparently it’s a HUGE green screen that’s been built in LA’s Sepulveda Basin. Favreau has said it’s the biggest he’s ever seen, and I know you can see it from the road. I think I have an idea what will be mapped onto that green screen, but I fear saying it will be in violation of my embargo. Suffice it to say, it could be one of the film’s most key scenes.

UPDATED: I don’t know if is an official site (I WhoIs’ed it, but the contact info is hidden. And granted, the elements in this image are pretty much shit you could throw together given a minute, a Windows default desktop and a DVD of the first Iron Man), but either way, this delightful splash page image really sums up where Tony is business-wise at the opening of this film. Remember, he’s done with the arms supplier business and wants to make the world a better place: