I know it’s gauche to link to VARIETY STORIES but I’m an iconoclast. The enemy of my enemy is my Facebook friend.

According to the oft-abbreviating trade, David Fincher is “circling” a movie about Facebook, or rather its creation by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. What this means that the Facebook Movie is the rotting carrion and David Fincher is the high-soaring bird.

Steer your curved beak away David, please!

The Social Network is written by the talented and cocky Aaron Sorkin and probably boasts some great lines and tons of scenes where folks are walking around and interacting with others like nobody’s business. In reality the rapid, short attention span brand Sorkin’s good at is ideal for a movie like this but not at the cost of David Fincher. The guy should be out there shooting majestic vistas and gritty crime scenes, not people in Hollister shirts LOLing.

And it’s produced by Michael DeLuca, another dude I like! Why does this happen to me? It’s annoying. Like when people start IMing you on Facebook.

In reality, good talent can turn any subject into something special. Great movies have been made about boring or annoying subjects for the better part of a century. It just seems awfully silly, especially social sites like these can easily make dumb decisions and shoot themselves in the foot, losing the magic that made them work in the first place. I’m talking about you MySpace and Bang Bus. There’s always the risk that, by the time the film sees the light of day, the topic is no longer relevant.

Then again, they made a movie about the guy who invented the Tucker car so I might be full of piss and wind.

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