“Wait a minute,” you might have just thought, “Something’s wrong- this isn’t Max Payne!”

But your eyes don’t deceive you- yes, that is daylight, and yes, this is Max Payne 3.

But what has happened to everyone’s favorite trenchcoat-wearing detective? The announcement of the game a few months ago revealed that Max would be older, more broken (check out that scar!), and not even in NYC anymore. Long time voice actor James McCaffrey isn’t coming back for Payne as Rockstar thought they needed someone older… no word on just who will fill his gravelly throat (um) just yet, though.

Here are a couple of choice quotes from Game Informer, which was given the first look at the game in their July issue.

“If you expected a by-the-numbers sequel, prepare to be surprised. The third chapter of the Max Payne saga takes our hero places that he’s never gone before, while at the same time keeping an eye towards maintaining and improving the stylish gunplay that made his reputation.”

“The team has created a game that both looks and feels remarkably realistic. As you watch the game, the attention to detail is remarkable…It’s a no-holds-barred shooter that retains a laser-like focus on gunplay.”

The July issue is now in stores with more details, so read it the next time you’re suckered into shopping at Gamestop.

In any case this is very, very interesting news. Let’s hope they nail that gunplay, and can bring back the noir feel to the game.