Showtime just released some promo art for the fourth season of Dexter, set to air September 27th. That there’s Dexter’s son, which means that the show has definitely taken a few twists in the last few seasons. Another twist- John Lithgow will apparently be portraying a serial killer this year as well. Always liked him as a villain.

Love the picture- wonder if it will get protested by child advocacy groups like the somewhat similar Goo Goo Dolls album did so many years ago.
Anyway, I’m late to the party on Dexter, having only just started watching the show thanks to Netflix Instant. I’m halfway through the first season and have to say, I’m a little disappointed with it so far. It thinks it’s more clever than it is, and for a show about a serial killer it’s incredibly mainstream. Not too much of a surprise, but would it have killed them to make the darker parts a little more horrific?

It’s also a little irritating to see that apparently every important life lesson he’s ever learned was derived from his father. Every time a flashback starts up Dexter does something stupid and his dad pops up with one of those “Son, this is the way the world works” speeches.

Perhaps one of you fine folks can let me know if it picks up on the messageboard.