Earlier today I had my interview with the school that is near where I live. This was truly the make or break job for me. School starts next week, and I was fast running out of time before I was going to have to seek other employment that would be of a much lower pay scale. I was the final interviewee (the fifth one at that) and my interview consisted of 10 questions. 10 questions that I answered in rapid succession with nary a breath spared, and no pauses which would have possibly screwed up my potential job opportunity.

I left with a positive vibe, and within 30 minutes I got a phone call from the principal that I had gotten the job. I was overjoyed with the news. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I don’t have many payments (the car that Vanessa and I got and make payments on, the insurance for it that we also make the payments on, and our phone bill), but these payments amount to enough that would sap quite a bit of money if I had a more blue collar job.

I can now rest easy that for another year I will have a steady paycheck to pay my bills, and also to buy the other things I love to buy (dvds, soundtracks, videogames) and I hope that I can do extremely well on it in order to keep this job for many years to come.

Rene’s song of the day: “Starman” by David Bowie.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!