Zen Studios has just announced a release date for their PS3 title, The Punisher: No Mercy- July 2nd.

The downloadable game will hit for 9.99, ad will feature fast-paced multiplayer action. Which is cool, but if it were realistic whoever played the Punisher would just decimate everyone. But the game has some familiar friends and enemies from the comics, such as Jigsaw, and is powered by the Unreal Engine so you know it looks good. There’s a single player mode as well that has some brand new art from Mike Deodato.

Zen Studios somewhat redeemed themselves for the abomination that is the Xbox 360 Arcade title Rocky and Bullwinkle (how do you fuck up such a great license?) with their admittedly great pinball title Zen Pinball. But a gritty FPS is a much different thing.

“Our team has been working long hours to deliver a first-person shooter experience that will live up to the Punisher name,” said Zsolt Kigyossy, managing director for ZEN Studios.  “With awesome characters, a customizable system, and fast-paced multiplayer action, No Mercy is breaking ground in the digital space.  For comic and shooter fans alike, this is a must-have game for the summer.”

We shall see on July 2nd!