The Hangover is really good and really successful.

This pleases me.

Some asshole pitched The Hangover with a slightly tweaked premise (it’s women on a business trip!) and Universal bought it.

This infuriates me.

Business Trip, it’s called and if you’re all tapped out of boredom you can CLICK HERE and refill. It’s from writer Stacey Harman, whose others works have titles like The Hookup Handbook and Jingle Belle and therefore lead me to assume she’s someone I never want to know. Even if she has fabulous tits.

I don’t mind folks making their bones. It’s good business to ride on the coattails of success, but The Hangover is a rare bird, a high concept comedy that is filled with a variety of good jokes and performances. It’s not something that can easily be replicated. I don’t begrudge Stacey Harman from striking while the iron is hot though I do begrudge her for her stupid concepts. I fault the studio for taking in yet another completely vacant and hollow concept to develop for eternity or turn into a vehicle for a handful of actresses looking to diversify their entertainment portfolio.

The Hangover isn’t a masterpiece and it doesn’t rewrite history. But it is smart and willing to go to some new places. It also is impeccably cast and directed by someone who knows what the fuck comedy is.

Business Trip is currently just a little nugget of nothing with no talent attached and could be something good, but the whole business side of this show business business has gotten increasingly dumber of late.

And that is saying something.