I sit here exhausted; it’s been a long weekend, and I have a packed week ahead of me. A major press day tomorrow, two set visits, a bunch of screenings, a major press day on Wednesday. And that’s just the work stuff.

But then I remember that it’s all just mind games. And I remember when Kevin Spacey sang that song on Come Together, a benefit concert for 9/11 charities featuring the music of John Lennon. And I think that this event happened smack dab in the middle of Spacey beginning to make a joke out of himself with films like Pay It Forward, K-Pax and The Life of David Gale. While his work in Duncan Jones’ wonderful Moon marks a new uptick in his career (Spacey plays the voice of Sam Rockwell’s robot buddy), it’s important for him to keep an eye on how he screwed it up the first time around.