The other day Aint It Cool News’ Mr. Beaks and I were having a beer and the topic of GI Joe came up, as it will. Beaks lamented that there were people who really wanted this movie to be Black Hawk Down but with GI Joe characters; for my part I said I would love to see that movie – as long as the characters were wearing their original outfits. If SnowJob was in a parka, even though the Joe team was crashed in Somalia; if Shipwreck looked like one of the Village People and had a parrot on his shoulder; if the Dreadnoks were dressed like big gay bikers.

But that’s not the GI Joe movie we got. Instead we have one that is controversial with the fans (seriously), that is the center of a gossip campaign and that was, until I saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, vying for ‘Worst Paramount Film of Summer 2009′ and ‘Worst Movie Ever Based on a Toy’ (it seems that the bar has been set impossibly high by Herr Bay and Director Sommers must settle for second place in both those events). Now there’s a new trailer and it highlights what interests me about this movie – retarded action – and what frightens me – retarded comedy.