LA folks: popular website Everything is Terrible is hosting an evening of found footage at the Silent Movie Theater tomorrow. If you’re not familiar with the site, you should be; I’ve included a clip that sums them up below this.

Here’s the official write-up from the Silent Movie Theater:

The daily postings of the website Everything Is Terrible!, consisting
of genuinely ridiculous videos and out of context movie scenes ripped
from old VHS releases, has been hailed by BoingBoing, Time, Buzzfeed,
WFMU, Videogum, Best Week Ever, The Soup Blog, and Jezebel–while the
CBC deemed it simply “the best site ever.”  The entire EIT gang will
appear in person to present their new feature DVD release: “Everything
Is Terrible!: The Movie”, along with prizes for everyone, plus some
very special top secret guests.  Viva la VHS!!!  Also playing is quite
possibly the first theatrical screening of the 1994 softcore classic,
Dinosaur Island
When three misfit deserters crash land on an uncharted island, they
find a primitive society of gorgeous cave women who haven’t seen a man
in thousands of years.  These barbarian “Babe-a-lonians” sacrifice
virgins, battle dinosaurs, and ask remarkable questions such as “What
is a… kiss?” 
With director Fred Olen Ray in person!

Dinosaur Island Dirs. Fred Olen Ray & Jim Wynorski, 1994, digital presentation, 85 min.

I’m probably going to skip Dinosaur Island (I hate tongue-in-cheek B movies), but I’ll be there for Everything is Terrible.

You can buy your ticket by clicking here. Check out a particularly creepy found video from Everything Is Terrible below: