You can tell a lot about a person
from the miscellaneous collection of DVD’s stacked next to their
television set. Every film we own says a little bit about us, whether
we’d like it to… or not. So I’ve decided to turn this uncompromising
insight on myself by analyzing my entire DVD collection… one impulse
but at a time.


What it’s about:

A depressed Courtney Cox moves into a trailer across from the retired figure skater/hockey player guy from “The Cutting Edge”. With nothing else to do, the two lament their career choices and secretly plot a way to appear in “Ace Ventura 3: Attack of the Ninja Monkeys”. (I made that last part up.)

Why I bought it:

While visiting a girl in Cayucos in 2002, I found this film at the bottom of a bargain bin for five bucks. I just happened to be taking a class from the director at the time so I figured a five spot was worth checking out his credentials.

I never actually finished the entire thing.

What is says about me:

I should learn my lesson and stop talking smack. The director was the best teacher I had at Chapman and… little did I know that just seven years later, my directorial debut would find its way into the same bargain bin. (Wait… two for five bucks now? SCORE!)

Until next time… Hit me back.