Highlight of my day: I am quoted on the red band trailer for World’s Greatest Dad, the absolutely brilliant dark comedy from Bobcat Goldthwait. I saw it at Sundance and was simply floored by it, by how far it goes, how far Robin Williams goes and how it manages to wring serious, cynical comedy out of some of the darkest topics imaginable. I love this movie.

Now there’s a red band trailer and thankfully the trailer avoids spilling secrets. There’s an event about halfway through the film that changes everything and I would have expected the trailer to give it all away, especially as some of the best comedy grows out of this event. Instead Magnolia has cut a trailer that doesn’t quite give you the full depths of the film.

It’s still a great trailer. Here’s my review from Sundance, which does give away that event (I don’t think it’s a spoiler – the event was mentioned in the Sundance guide, for instance – but if you want to stay virginal, you are warned). Enjoy the trailer.