Das Experiment was a decent flick made even better by how anything is better after you put ‘Das’ in front of it. Let’s try:

“I’ve got to clean das balls today, company’s coming!”

“It’s das end of the world as we know it…”

“Judith Light is das bomb!”

“I have switched from MS-DAS to Windows!”

Case closed.

Based on das book Black Box, das film centered on an experiment about a group of people assigned different roles in a prison setting and how they were affected by it. It’s like a mixture of D&D and Nazi Germany! Things don’t go well, but Mortiz Bleibtreu gets to wear das headwear pictured here so it’s not all bad. I believe that’s Donna Karan.

Das remake is forthcoming! Because no one demanded it!

Getting away from das confined and stereotyping world of prisons of his hit show/Fichtner showcase Prison Break, Paul “I wrote A Man Apart and you didn’t” Scheuring is doing a film set in the confined and stereotyping world of prisons. In reality, there’s some stuff to be mined from das material. It’s prettty intense stuff and it’s been announced that das cast has materialized for das film.

Adrien Brody! Elijah Wood! Forest Whitaker!

And he with the randomly lettered name…


That is an incredible name. If you’re strolling around with that name you are one of three things:

1. Das Ultimate Robot!
2. Das psuedonym of Gidget Macan.
3. A generic buff little actor who was in Twilight and got thrown around the room in Das Unborn.

Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how they work together. Brody will be playing the Moritz role while Whitaker is das villain. Elijah Wood plays some small dude with really distracting eyes.

Cam Gigandet will probably play a young, buff fellow whose loss probably serves as a lesson to others.

It’ll be great!

Plus, retarded social experiments have taught us many things. Like when so and so Twittered about having a Pop Tart this morning or when what’s her name told us on Facebook she was going to das gym in five minutes.