There’s a plethora of on demand video out there these days. So much so that sometimes it can be hard to wade through it all and find something worth watching. Watch This Now is your guide to instant video on Netflix, Hulu and elsewhere, highlighting the very best stuff that you can watch right now.

We’ve talked a lot about Troll 2 in recent days thanks to the excellent documentary on the film, Best Worst Movie, and of course our recent screening of the film in NYC. You can’t get a better resurgence that this!

Now the film has just hit Hulu, and is available to watch for free! Check it out below.

Course, this is hardly the best way to experience the film. It’s much better under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and surrounded by a bunch of people who will yell out silly things during the film. But if you’re a connoisseur of bad film you will definitely enjoy it. Might I also recommend the Rifftrax for the film?

On a personal note, I’m kicking myself right now for not utilizing the opening chase music in the film as my wedding march. Epic.