Will you still be laughing your ass off?

The new trailer for Roland Emmerich’s latest destuct-o-thon 2012 has just hit Yahoo movies, and it’s… well, it’s something alright. Check it out here and try to count how many landmarks and famous buildings have yet to feel Emmerich’s wrath. There aren’t very many left, are there?

I’d love to be wrong about this and be thoroughly entertained watching John Cusack trying in vain to save his family, but I’m now fully convinced that Independence Day (and to an extent, Stargate) was a fluke. The movie’s still stupider than hell but it’s the only one of this films that have been any fun, and it’s amazing that he’s still trying to one-up it with each successive disaster (of a) movie.

The fact that this is missing the summer blockbuster season should tell you everything you need to know. 2012 blows shit up on November 13th.