You can tell a lot about a person from the miscellaneous collection of DVD’s stacked next to their television set. Every film we own says a little bit about us, whether we’d like it to… or not. So I’ve decided to turn this uncompromising insight on myself by analyzing my entire DVD collection… one impulse but at a time.


What it’s about:
An old lady takes up speed, Jared Leto takes up heroine, and Jennifer Connelly takes up black guys. It’s a two and a half hour PSA about the dangers of addiction, degradation, and killer refrigerators.

Why I bought it:
I have absolutely no idea. I remember my girlfriend at the time compared it to watching her dog get run over. But say what you will, you have to hand it to a film that can even make a Jennifer Connelly nude scene depressing.

What it says about me:
I’m terrified to ask. But maybe… just maybe… its like going to Comic-Con in San Diego. Spending an afternoon surrounded by people that obviously have it way worse off can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Hit me back. Until next time…