I’m figuring one of a couple possible scenarios happened today where Paramount sent out a quintet of exclusive character posters to Latino Review, Cinematical, Collider, MovieWeb and IGN and none to our humble little site:

1. We’re not in Paramount’s Fave Five.
2. The only character one sheet left was of Big Lob and they figured we’d pass.
3. Johnny Twennies is their CHUD liaison and has dispatched it posthaste via rail.

Regardless of how it went down, bottom line is, they got ‘em and we didn’t.  All we can manage are just the mugshots above.  So  you’ll have to click over to those other guys’ “exclusive” sites and grab an “exclusive” eyeful of their “exclusive” character photos.  We’ll just do our own thing in the meantime. 

Thanks to Brian for the tip. 

And thanks to Paramount for nothin’.