Sean Penn is taking a sabbatical, and that leaves the Farrelly Bros in a bind – the actor has dropped out of their Three Stooges movie. That’s a big problem for the film, which has been gestating for ten years. The movie is supposed to shoot at the end of August and has a 2010 release; now the Bros. Farrelly have to decide whether to recast or to wait for Penn. If they wait they could run into scheduling issues with their other two Stooges, Benicio Del Toro and Jim Carrey.

I’m bummed about this because I was dying to see how the fuck Sean Penn took on the role of Larry. I mean, what a crazy bit of casting. It’s the kind of casting that makes jaded observers like myself sit up and take notice. And now it’s all gone.

Penn’s also dropped out of a drug war movie called Cartel, but that one is still in the scripting stages; no start or release dates have been announced.