Bethesda just brought a bunch of great games to Steam, and have them available at a ridiculously cheap price for the first week.

Elder Scrolls fans can pick up the Morrowind‘s Game of the Year Edition (with the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansion packs) for a measly 11 bucks and change, or the Oblivion GOTY edition for 16.79. That’s a steal for either, especially considering that you’ll get literally hundreds of hours of gameplay for both games, and see where Fallout 3‘s style originated.

But the most exciting news is that they’ve also brought Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth to the service!

Horror fans who have never tried it before would do well to check it out- it’s probably the best game a Lovecraft fan can hope for. A retelling of The Shadow Over Innsmouth, it brought some truly creepy moments together and really made you feel like you were stuck in a Lovecraft novel. You play as a former detective called Jack Walter who was committed to a mental institution after a raid on a cult leader’s house left him schizophrenic. He’s trying to figure out what happened to himself and is contacted to take up a missing person case in Innsmouth, which if you know Lovecraft, is not a nice place to live. One of the best sequences in the game has you trying to escape a hotel, weaponless, frantically trying to lock doors behind you while fish people try to capture you. Later on it becomes much more of a first person shooter but the game lays the atmosphere on thick, letting you investigate and explore this crazy world.
For $11.19, you absolutely can’t do wrong. There were supposed to be addicitonal Call of Cthulu games but Headfirst Productions went bankrupt after the title didn’t catch on. Here’s your chance to see what we all missed out on.