I thought it was over. I thought that the grotesque scene of Indiana Jones getting married (do you even remember that? I can recall that scene through a haze (maybe it was the cinematography); this must be how trauma victims feels as they try to remember their accident) at the finale of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was going to be the capper on an otherwise illustrious career.

But no.

While flogging Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Shia LaBeouf spilled the beans that Spielberg has ‘cracked the story’ for Indy 5. Which means that somewhere someone is working on this movie right now. And that Indy Jr will be back.

It’s possible that Indy 5 could take the same decades-long detour that Indy 4 did – after all, Shia says that Spielberg cracked the story but not that Lucas signed on – and thus never actually happen.

We can only hope.

Watch the interview where Shia spills these beans right here at the BBC. (By the way, I love that the BBC is now asking people about their upcoming genre projects. Like the internet needed that competition)