You don’t dare kill them.

Amidst rumors that both Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines and Obsidian’s Alien RPG were anything but five-by-five, a lack of E3 coverage for either of these games didn’t exactly bode well for fans of vicious xenomorphs. Not so fast, says one Sega rep: “Aliens vs. Predator will be the first to ship out of our triplet of Aliens
titles; hence it was shown at this year’s E3. We’ll have more news to
share about the other two games in the near future so stay tuned.”

In addition to that, Gearbox confirmed that a DS version of Colonial Marines was on the way, but with a different developer taking the reins. Expect more details for both Obsidian’s RPG and Gearbox’s QTE-laiden FPS as the internet shakes them loose.