Austin was recently treated to a showing of the newly struck print (with original ending previously only available on bootlegs!) of Night of the Creeps, Fred Dekker’s cult classic that has long been out of circulation. The film is finally coming to DVD, and the screening – and ensuing long Q&A and autograph session – was to celebrate that event.

Quint at Aint It Cool News has the complete rundown of the DVD’s packed set of special features (click here to check it out), but what really caught my eye was this:

[S]omeone in the audience during the Q&A asked about a sequel and Fred Dekker asked if they wanted one, with the original cast returning. A resounding applause met this, of course. He later hinted at having written some ideas down for a sequel.

I’ll be pragmatic: returning to this property after 20 years might not be the best idea ever. After all, how many long-delayed sequels turned out even just ‘okay’? But the idea of Dekker doing another horror comedy warms my heart (as it does Quint’s). Heck, I just want to see a new Dekker movie – Robocop 3 can’t be his last theatrical directing credit, dammit!

Pre-order Night of the Creeps from CHUD by clicking here.