Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the live action film version of the popular anime movie Akira has not only lost its director, Ruairi Robinson, but that the entire project itself is completely dead.

Now I have to just fill space. I mean, what else is there to say here? There weren’t many people who ever thought this was a good idea, so seeing it die on the vine likely won’t bum anybody out. I don’t know what killed the project, but I suspect its ambition – Akira was conceived as a duology – didn’t sit well with a studio (Warner Bros) that has been getting burned on big, expensive and risky films lately. Sure, Akira is a well-known brand. So was Watchmen. And with a lot of the same people.

So ends this chapter in the long, vaporous life of the live action Akira movie. Good night, Tetsuo.