Boaz Yakin’s Death in Love was one of the most difficult films I saw at Sundance two years ago. Flawed but fascinating, it’s a thick, serious, sexy, and occasionally ham-handed movie about two generations of sin and guilt, including Jacqueline Bissette as an old woman haunted by the affair she had with a Nazi guard while she was a prisoner in a concentration camp. Josh Lucas plays her son, a guy who runs an exploitative con modeling agency. Lukas Haas is her other son, a gifted pianist who is trapped at home by his own nueroses. And then Adam Brody plays a dick. The film isn’t for everyone, but those with the patience and open minded willingness to make it through some tough stuff will be rewarded.

The film is finally getting a theatrical release July 17th and now it has a poster. I don’t know quite what the poster is trying to say – it looks sort of like a horror movie, and sort of like the faded cover of a pulpy romance novel – but this movie is one tough sell.

Head to Coming Soon to see the full poster.