Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the Robert Rodriguez-produced sequel to Predator (yes, they’re back to it being a sequel, not a reboot), Predators, might be getting itself a decent director: Neil Marshall. Marshall, best known for The Descent (and unjustly reviled for the awesome Doomsday), is apparently deep in talks for the job.

The movie will be loosely based on the treatment that Rodriguez wrote years ago and which is widely available online; in that original treatment Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character Dutch has an appearance. It’s unlikely that Arnie would take time out of desperately trying to save the failing state of California to do a cameo in a film, though (he didn’t actually show up to do any work on Terminator Salvation).

Marshall is in post on his next film, the Roman Legion movie Centurion; he’d have to hop right over to Predators as Fox has the film penciled in for next summer.