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much TV as you think you watch, Uncle Mitch watches more. 
With beer in hand at all times.  He’s a mythological figure
and a great source of fun and special times.  At any given
time, his blood alcohol level is somewhere around the ratings for
American Idol.  But that doesn’t stop this drunk bitch from
sharing his insights on the week’s TV news.

The lesbian daughter of Sonny and Cher, 40, has made the decision to undergo a sex change operation.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: Kind of an extreme thing to do just to try to sneak back onto Celebrity Fit Club.

Carrie Prejean, the controversial beauty queen who spoke out against gay marriage during the Miss USA pageant, was let go by pageant organizers for “breach of contract.”

Uncle Mitch’s Take: Her tolerance went a some time ago…

The Late Show host, who finds himself embroiled in a war of words with Gov. Sarah Palin after telling some off-color jokes about her daughter, regrets doing so.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: I regret Sarah Palin is still in the news.

The original host for The View will go solo by also toplining her own one-hour talk show on HLN.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: Good, it’ll be easier to focus disdain on one person at a time…

With the planned conversion of all TV signals to digital on June 12th, many millions of Americans still not ready for the switch. 

Uncle Mitch’s Take: I’m all set, I got my extra large bag o’ pork rinds, a six pack and some deli meats in the fridge. 

Sony Entertainment TV is planning to do a Bollywood version of the reality TV show.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: 3 to 1 says them Slumdog kids are camped out at Sony’s offices tomorrow…