Just this weekend I was remarking to some film friends of mine how I always considered Taxi Driver a horror movie. It’s a movie where not only does the sociopath get away, but he’s celebrated as a hero! How fucking disturbing is that, what kind of condemnation of our society? But I’ve always wanted to see what Scorsese could do with some real horror. Sure, Cape Fear may be the closest thing to the genre he’s ever done, but this will probably all change come this October.

The trailer for Shutter Island has just hit the net exclusively on Apple’s Trailers page, head over there right away to see how amazing Scorsese’s visual style fits in with the genre. Leo must feel like the luckiest bastard in the world now that Scorsese’s taken him under his wing as his next DeNiro.

The film is of course based on the book by Dennis Lehane, who has also seen his books Mystic River and Gone, Baby, Gone turned into films.

Don’t you love how the genre is listed as “drama”? Paramount, don’t you know that if you want it to win an Oscar you have to call it a “psychological thriller”? For shame.